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FP Jones

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Parker received his bachelor from the University of Arkansas and a Juris Doctor from William H. Brown School of Law. The Arkansas native currently divides his time between the state he loves and traveling for inspiration, most likely stopping frequently for a selfie. He now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

FP Jones’ romantic poetry showcases love and loss along with grace and beauty—a focus on embracing the natural word in all its meanings.



published and unpublished

A selection of art and prose in 2023

Winter’s Grave

Fallen sun knows it

The cold Northern wind feels it

The River sees it

Spring has returned in cycle

To be winter’s icy grave

Moonbeams & Drsgonflies

Winds of faith wash ashore

The thunder like a loud roar

Dark waves and cold lightning

Mysterious depths inviting

Nature’s beauty a dark queen

Her tempest far from serene

Her ivory eyes and fiery smile

Lost in fog on a tropical isle

Moonbeams and dragonflies float

Above the jungle canopy’s moat

Her beauty a jeweled crown

That can never sink down

The doves, crows and ravens sing

For her, they are weapons of Spring

Their sanguine love painted in ink

The starry sky is gone in a blink

A Collection of Haiku and Tanka Poetry

The Book of Mist & Sun

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I enjoy the challenge of transforming words into art that’s fresh and engaging.

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

f.p. Jones




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